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We support our warfighter's missions and help strengthen our national security. The capability we are developing is called (ESAP) Enhanced Situational Awareness Process. ESAP is a holistic approach to data collection and dissemination, enabling end-users to collect more data with more details.
SBIR PHASE 1 : 192.1

Enhanced Situational Awareness Process

With E.S.A.P commanders and leaders will be able to instantly evaluate historical and current engagement data, allowing them to reduce duplicated efforts, eliminate Fraud, Waste and Abuse, and focus efforts necessary for more effective budgeting and personnel decisions
E.S.A.P Benefits

Core Competencies

E.S.A.P utilizes a web based dashboard that facilitates near real time access to the collected data, empowering decision makers to make more informed decisions.
  • Increase internal collaboration opportunities
  • Save time training new service members.
  • Enhance the quality of data obtained by service member.
  • Common process for gathering and sharing information.
  • Near real time information availability
  • Secure access to your distributed data
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GOV | DUNS: 079779509 | CAGE: 7CCP2