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We are creating innovative solutions through active collaboration.

Human Center Design
  • Empathize - Understand the needs of people we’re designing for. Understand their behaviors and motivations.
  • Create an actionable problem statement to define the right challenge to address.
  • Ideate - Leveraging techniques such as brainstorming, low-fi, & high-fi prototypes
  • Putting solutions into users’ hands and collect real-world feedback.
HOw we work

Our Process

Our team meets with you to truly understand your business and the problem you are trying to solve.

Then, design a prototype and conduct regular tests with potential users to ensure it meets people’s needs.

Finally, develop your services using adaptive and iterative practices and leveraging modern infrastructure.


Enabling Our Warfighters

Through innovative technology and agile software development, 2enovate provides a holistic approach to understand and solve problems. We enable our warfighters to be more prepared, make faster and better decisions, and ultimately save lives.

CHristian k. FOunder

We are creating solutions to benefit others.

Passion, integrity, and helping others is what fueled us. 2enovate go above and beyond for our clients and believe in developing lasting relationships with their business.

COLLABORATION opportunities

Build fantastic experiences that people love

Some of our open projects provide an excellent opportunity for aspiring programmers to distinguish themselves, and by contributing to various projects to benefit their community. Critical thinkers, entrepreneurs, and developers can improve their skills, get inspiration and support from like-minded people.

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We are open for creative minds

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