Concept Design

December 22, 2018

After you have confirmed the requirements of your idea and before you begin prototyping, there is an important step called concept design. After concept design, you break down the detailed design of your product. This is a really important step for your product and it is for every type of product from an Apple Watch, to a padfolio, and even for a cheese grater.

My favorite tools during this stage are a whiteboard, sticky notes, and different materials that could create your product including metal, wood, leather, PVC pipe, fabric, and more. Think of your big picture design for your product. What problem have you created a solution for? Is there more than one way to solve it? What “features” make it easier and better for the end user? Every great product has gone through this stage and every revolutionary product continues to go through this stage.

Think of who would use your product. That is who you should design your product around. In college, I learned how to create a moodboard that allowed me to visually show who my customers were down to their favorite store, fast food restaurant, color, and music. Do your research into their lives and find out what design they would use. From your moodboard, start designing your product around these attributes that stick out to you. An Apple Watch is a great example because there are so many parts and pieces that went into the concept.

We all know someone, even if it’s ourselves, who wears an Apple Watch. The different wristband options weren’t something that just happened, but was thought out in the concept design stage. Each piece of code that went into producing the watch has a reason it went into it.

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December 22, 2018