Case Study

Maintaining Our Military Edge:Cloud Based Decision Support Solution

Christian Kaman
8 Minutes


Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) personnel often have no way to efficiently collect, share or search for information about recent external engagements, or projects, for appropriate stakeholders within the command.  The teams within AFSOC currently relay project engagement reports through a variety of disparate media.  Additionally, senior leaders within AFSOC struggle to keep abreast of ongoing projects and information collected from engagements.

AFSOC has partnered with 2ENOVATE LLC to create and implement a software-based solution that will enable the collection of project and engagement data as close to the occurrence of the event as possible, at the lowest possible echelon.  This solution will enhance situational awareness at all levels, reduce duplication of efforts and improve processes across the command resulting in a well-informed force that is ready to fly, fight and win.


Due to the (sometimes) sensitive nature of military related data, AFSOC was not able to implement a commercial product and have it meet the security and usability requirements imposed by the Department of Defense.  Additionally, the solution shouldn’t impose any additional time requirements on Air Force personnel.

There are almost as many systems of tracking data from external engagements as there are subordinated units within AFSOC.  None of these methods are controlled, normalized or updated at specified intervals.  Additionally, these are internal trackers.  Nearly any request for information from any outside unit must be compiled manually.  This is time and labor intensive.  Once all of the requested data has been received, the requesting unit must normalize and compile the data into a usable format before the data can be queried and a report generated.


By utilizing the Mission Model Canvas and methodologies taught by the Hacking for Defense program at the University of West Florida, we conducted over 40 interviews of AFSOC personnel and civilians with a Department of Defense association.  These interviews revealed exactly what a solution would need to provide for acceptance and willing use from AFSOC and its’ subordinate units.

Based upon this information, we generated a high-fidelity prototype for AFSOC.  After a few modifications, we arrived at technologically feasible and implementable solution.  Amazon Web Services (AWS), coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide a storage mechanism, as well as a query and reporting mechanism for all the data obtained by traveling Air Force personnel.  Loading the data into the AWS database is accomplished via a lightweight and custom mobile application which utilizes speech-to-text functionality to allow a user to narrate their experience.  We call this solution the Enhanced Situational Awareness Platform, or ESAP

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Proposal  -  Awarded

Proposal Number: F192-001-1304

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